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anna-toman said: Hi! First of all I want to say that you look gorgeous!Also I have drawn a picture, inspired by your photos. So if you are interested, take a look at my blog.. It is a last post. ))Take care <3

Wow. I’m so honored. Thank you! You did an amazing job! I love it and shared it on my blog. :)

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It was supposed to be a warm up sketch, but turned out to become a bizarrely colored portrait.
I used a picture of a beautiful Jade Ava as a reference. Check her out!

Love this! Thank you :) 

808luanabass said: Are you working towards being a professional model or do you do it just for fun?

I’m trying. But mostly for my fashion blog and because its really fun. I also love to showcase black beauty. 

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Anonymous said: Hey sexy, looking much better, not as skinny like before

uhhh I really can’t help the fact that I’m thin. Growing up I got teased for being thin like I had HIV and AID and was from Africa…dumb stuff. My weight goes up and down. Sometimes I’m really curvy and some days I’m really thin. Can’t change it. 

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hakancstksk said: follow you

thx ;)

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mrsbrittanydallas said: Hi I love your blog. I am going to be a freshman this year and I wanted your opinion on if I should get a weave or box braids for school. Ps any tips for freshman

Hmmm. I would go with box braids. They are quick and simple for school so you get out quick. Just make sure you refresh the edges every so often :)

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hitheretiff said: You are so gorg!

Thanks love ;)

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captainbrownie69 said: You are so beautiful and I am so glad I found your blog, I hope you're having a blessed day, beauty!

Aw thank you. You too :)

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The little girl could just not sleep!
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